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Detroit – London Link Up

London grower Darren Springer reports back from his trip to US

Once upon a time Detroit was a thriving city centre and home to both the motor and music industries game changing players. During the 50’s and 60’s they dominated their specific fields of play. Nicknamed the Motor City and Motown, Detroit was the home to the “Big Three” US automobile companies Ford, General Motors and Chrysler and the music powerhouse Motown Records.

Statement of Support to ‘Rising Up’ Bristol

Rising Up’ are a collective of activists that have halted development of a metro-bus only junction on a piece of strategic agricultural land in Frenchay, Bristol.

We put our support behind the action to protect Feed Bristol and the Stapleton allotments from the metro–bus only junction in Frenchay, Bristol. The land in question is of great significance due to its strategic importance in re-instating the historic market gardens of Bristol that could once again provide much of the city’s food. We are in no way opposed to public transport, but believe that it is possible to improving the city’s bus system whilst safeguarding habitats and agricultural land.…

Food Sovereignty Football – 16th October

Family Farmers United vs Agri-Business FC The ‘Food Sovereignty Football Match’ has been called by the Landworkers’ Alliance as part of  World Food Day: Via Campesina’s global day of action. Across Europe 20% of farms get 80% of subsidies. In 2013 more than 900 UK based landowners and agri-businesses received more than £150,000 in payments,…