Statement of Support to ‘Rising Up’ Bristol

Rising Up’ are a collective of activists that have halted development of a metro-bus only junction on a piece of strategic agricultural land in Frenchay, Bristol.

We put our support behind the action to protect Feed Bristol and the Stapleton allotments from the metro–bus only junction in Frenchay, Bristol. The land in question is of great significance due to its strategic importance in re-instating the historic market gardens of Bristol that could once again provide much of the city’s food. We are in no way opposed to public transport, but believe that it is possible to improving the city’s bus system whilst safeguarding habitats and agricultural land.

Access to land for food production is a critical issue in the UK that we would like to see prioritised. Farmers, growers and new entrants need land in order to develop their livelihoods, create jobs, feed local communities and reduce Britain’s reliance on food imports. Rising land prices and a subsidy regime that encourages land concentration already makes land inaccessible to many, whilst the sale of county small holdings and urban sprawl aggravate the problem. The development in question threatens to take land away from an expanding collective of community growers against the wishes of the local community and the city’s broader interests.

Bristol must demonstrate its commitment to its status as Green Capital by prioritising wildlife and local food production over car based infrastructure.

Community Food Growers Network



Rising up is trying to halt the development of a metro-bus only  junction that will be built on top 5ish acres of agricultural land; allotments and a small holding. The land ranges from grade 1-3 and is of strategic importance in re-instating Bristol historic market gardens. This is  basically Bristol’s best agricultural land, and lots of growers, myself amongst them, are showing enterprise to establish themselves and use this land productively.

Rising Up is not in anyway opposed to public transport but believes the bus system can be improved whilst also prioritizing access to land for local growers. A key player was quoted in the Gaurdian yesterday  saying;
‘People shouldn’t have to choose between public transport and food
production.’ For the full article ;

For more info check out their website: [2]