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  1. Mark Stein -

    i am retired from a local authority economic devt unit tameside near manchester and i am doing some research on community food growing projects

  2. Jack Astbury -

    Hi CFGN!

    My name’s Jack and im the grower at the Food from the Sky Roof garden. I would like to join the Network either as Food from the Sky or just as an urban food grower (I also work for Groundwork and as a freelancer) – whatever is most appropiate. I fully support your manifesto and would be happy to attend your next gathering in Feb to introduce myself and FFTS.

    Thanks and best wishes,


  3. Sarah McFadden -

    We have a gardening tutor role available with our organisation. The person who was in the post previously suggested we might be able to advertise it with you…so I was wondering if we could feature it on your website, or in a newsletter?
    I have a JD file and description blurb, if you can give me an email address I will send them on.

    Many Thanks
    Sarah McFadden
    Volunteer Development Worker
    West Hampstead Women’s Centre

  4. james rogers -

    I am very interested in starting a community grow scheme in my area, long buckby northamptonshire. i would like to join the CFGN, and learn anything i can from you guys. i have grown my own veg for the last few years so i am not a complete novice.

    hope to hear from you soon.


  5. solene -

    I just find out your nice website, and you seems to be the right persons to advice me.
    I have online seeds market where i offer GM free seeds, and i’m actually looking for organic (vegetable)seeds supplier around London. Our company is loooking to promote a locale economy as well as defending our biodiversity.
    I wondering if could kindly advice me on some people/organic farm to contact in London area.
    thank you very much for your support,
    solene – Chiseeds

  6. Lou Lawson -

    Calling all London Freedom Seed Bank Freedom Seed Savers!

    Thanks for showing an interest in the London Freedom Seed Bank, please spread the word and join us on Facebook!!/groups/occupytheseedinlondon/

    Join our Re-skilling urban seed saving workshop @ Food from the Sky!/FOODfromtheSKY?fref=ts

    London Freedom Seed Bank
    Lunch to share 1pm
    Workshop 2pm – 4pm
    Saturday 16th of March.

    The London Freedom Seed Bank project will be hosting a seed saving workshop for people wishing to participate in the Freedom Seed Bank. We’re hoping you will want to join us and become Freedom Seed Savers by growing and saving seed to promote life, bio-diversity and freedom for all!

    The workshop will be aimed to give experienced and beginner London growers the knowledge to successfully grow and save their chosen plant varieties and will focus on how to maintain vigour and varietal purity in small space characteristic of our inner city growing spaces.

    If you are interested in attending the event and becoming a Freedom Seed Saver please let us know what seeds varieties, (we suggest a maximum of 2 unless you are a very experienced grower and saver), you would like to grow. This will allow the workshop leader, Peter Brinch, to prepare specifically for your planned crops.

    If you don’t have any varieties in mind we will also have a list of interesting heritage varieties on the day to choose from which are at particular risk of becoming extinct due to the preference towards modern, high-performance hybrid varieties.

    If you haven’t saved seed before your can find lots of useful info on the garden organic website here –

    If you feel you can’t commit to seed saving, don’t worry, the event is open to anyone who is interested in being part of the project to promote and preserve the power and importance of seed freedom in today’s society. It’s also a great social opportunity to meet up and share ideas, we had a great social meeting in a pub last month, attended by Vandana Shiva herself!

    The workshop has a cost of £5 to pay for the tutor fee and will be held from 2pm – 4pm on the Food from the Sky roof garden.
    We will be on the roof from 1pm so please feel free to come early and bring some lunch to share together.

    To book a place at the workshop please just reply to this email and don’t forget to let us know if you have some plant varieties in mind!

    Thanks and see you on the roof!

    Jack, Lou, Antony, Azul

  7. annette currie -


    I have just set up a food business in Renfrewshire (Scotland) called Food in the Hood, and I came across your website, when looking for information on allotments in my area. Food in the Hood is a mobile van that sells hand made, balanced nutritious meals to communities in the Renfrewshire. Our menu is made up of food that many people already eat at home – steak pie, roast chicken, vegetable curry – made as healthy as taste allows. We basically want to poach takeaway/fast food customers, who can’t or won’t cook for themselves, and sell them decent quality meals. As part of the ethical ethos of the company I’m trying to source fruit/veg/herbs from local growers, allotments and organisations. A reply from one informed me about the legal status of buying/selling from an allotment garden, which lead me to the article from Organic Lea Selling Allotment Produce: Is it legal is it right? and it has given me some clarification and what I think it said was you can sell surplus produce, and you may be able to buy produce if the money goes to the allotment organisation, or you may be able to barter. The latter was my original idea, but after speaking to an organisation in Glasgow – Urban Roots, they need me to buy the stuff, as they are in a sense a business themselves, which is fine as I am more than happy to do that. Unfortunately, due to the weather, there will only be a limited amount of salad and herbs, but it’s a start, and hopefully we’ll be of mutual benefit to each for many years to come!

    Any help, advice, info, contacts that you could give me to help achieve this, would be much appreciated. I love what your organisation is doing and only wish you were in my area!

    (Food in the Hood on Facebook)

  8. Kate Sum -

    Really inspired by what you do I found out about you at the Permaculture festival yesterday where it was inspiring to be around like-minded people doing such positive things. Just wondering whether you have any links to co-housing/intentional communities or is Diggers and Dreamers the best place to look/



    You may have come across Love Food Hate Waste as part of our recent Food Waste Champion training in London, and I am getting in touch to let you know that we are continuing to offer training and to find out if you are interested in working with us to offer something to your staff and volunteers to save money and reduce their own carbon footprint.

    The training is free, it is just a case of organising a date(s) and then I would come along and deliver it.

    If you would like to know more then please get in touch.


  10. Duncan Law -

    George, Ramm et al.

    TTB and Loughborough Farm are having a LOCAL FOOD event next Monday 9 Sept, 6-9pm, Loughborough Centre, 105 Angell Road, SW9 7PD, to gather people and momentum for more local food in Lambeth. Various groups will be updating. We’d love you there. Bring displays, props, (a table if you can), produce, food if you can. Prepare a 4 minute update on what’s been happening and whats planned. And network.

    Planning doc (subject to continual updating) here

    Tell us if you’re coming ASAP.


  11. Rob Simpson -

    South East Region CSA Hub

    Calling all CSAs – community or producer-led, established or developing – in the South East and the London area!

    You are invited to a gathering at Tablehurst Farm in East Sussex on Saturday, 19th October this autumn.

    We will be meeting to set up a regional hub as part of the creation of a UK nationwide CSA Network. The new Network will serve to promote and support the movement into the future, and regional hubs are seen as central to this.

    Further information and a programme for the day can be found at

    To book a place go to

    Directions to Tablehurst Farm are at

    For food orders please email the Organiser on the Eventbrite webpage, thanks. Soups and bread roll form the Farm Café at £3.50 or a BBQ (with vegetable option) is £7.50.

  12. Harry Greenfield -


    I would like to flag up the next Oxford Real Farming Conference, which takes place on January 6th & 7th next year in several venues across Oxford.

    The conference covers several areas, including a Farm Day, giving practical advice to farmers on soil health and grazing practices among others, and a section for new entrants in to farming. There are panel discussions and workshops on access to land, finance and training, debates on seed security, micro-dairies, horticulture and smallholding, including a smallholder skill share.

    More info on our website: and we would be grateful if people spread the word.

    • jasandpaul -

      please send me yourphone no. iwill collect it as i have an allotment irecycle every thing .my no.07960892231.iallso sell my veg. imalso looking forhelp toplant my vegs. igrow allmy veg .organic

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