CFGN statement on the planned Garden Bridge, London

The Community Food Growers Network (CFGN) is completely opposed to the planned Garden Bridge across the river Thames, in London.

At a cost of £60m in public funds, the planned planting area is less than half a football pitch, and will mean more than 30 trees will be cut down and the loss of existing green space on the South Bank. There are already four bridges within a mile so there is no justification as a necessary new river crossing.

Furthermore, its proposed cycling ban and forcing groups over eight people book in advance makes a mockery of its claim to be a public space.

The £60m of public money, at a time of austerity cuts to essential public services, would create significantly more long-term benefit if invested in land, traineeships, and tools, for community food growing groups.

This is nothing more than a vanity project from an out of touch celebrity- with no concern for the interests of people living in London.

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