Guides and Toolkits

As a member-led project, Community Food Growers Network aims to continue growing and developing so that we can better support our members and other urban food growing projects to thrive in the city. This year we developed two toolkits in response to the needs of the network. These toolkits are intended to be useful reference tools for projects to help them become more secure, more robust and better equipped for challenges that they may face.

As more and more projects were shut down or under threat we felt it time to develop a guide that specifically addressed how community food projects can protect their sites and resist eviction. As land and funds are harder and harder to comeby positive and mutually beneficial relationships between food projects and their local councils have never been more important.

The Working with Your Council toolkit outlines how to build better relationships with councils and just how much this can benefit the security and sustainability of a project. The Guide to Resisting Eviction similarly focuses on keeping sites safe, looking into what actions or inactions affect the stability of a project in terms of their tenure on the land.

Download and print your toolkit below! Best of luck with your site!


Working With Your Council

Guide to Resisting Eviction