Food Sovereignty Football – 16th October

Family Farmers United vs Agri-Business FC

The ‘Food Sovereignty Football Match’ has been called by the Landworkers’ Alliance as part of  World Food Day: Via Campesina’s global day of action.

Across Europe 20% of farms get 80% of subsidies. In 2013 more than 900 UK based landowners and agri-businesses received more than £150,000 in payments, whilst farms under five hectares receive no payments at all.

LWA is calling on the government to level this unfair playing field.


Thursday 16th October, 12.00 noon


St. James’s Park. We’ll meet in the North East corner of the park, just off The Mall

(Nearest station Charing Cross.) When every one is kitted-up and ready, we’ll walk to Parliament Square for Kick Off.

The Action

The un-level playing field between corporate and sustainable agriculture in the UK is largely the result of DEFRA policies that favour the biggest players. To expose this unjust state of affairs, the
Landworkers Alliance will be hosting this hilarious public stunt in which Family Farmers United take on Agri-Business FC and DEFRA, the bias ref, reveals his allegiance.

If you’re a farmer, food sovereignty campaigner, or food lover get your boots on, come along and get involved .

Everyone is welcome to take part and we need as many people as possible to make this an action our government can not ignore.