UK Food Sovereignty Movement Gathering: Programme Highlights + Info


Highlights of the gathering 23rd – 26th October 2015

  • There will be international speakers from Mozambique, Uganda and Spain.
  • Local hosts Incredible Edible Todmorden will be introducing us to their project and offering workshops, workaways and tours.
  • Joined by speakers from the Bakers Union (the union at the heart of the fast food rights movement in the UK), the Land Workers Alliance, Community Supported Agriculture UK and a range of other organisations fighting for a better food system.
  • The Real Junk Food Project will be running a communal cooking session (using waste and surplus food from the local area)
  • Entertainment, bar and dancing

Time for food sovereignty (priority)

Workshops at the National food sovereignty gathering will include:

  • A workshop to start a movement calling for a national food policy based on food sovereignty principles
  • Skillshare on routes to setting up your own community supported farm project
  • A session hearing from international guests and others about struggles on the ground in Africa and around the world
  • Workshops addressing land inequality – mapping out land, access, ownership and management.
  • SoilHack : an open source exploration of soil
  • A session exploring existing learning networks (farmer to farmer exchange, apprenticeships) and looking forward to future developments
  • The Centre for Agroecology, Water and Resilience running a session on their research and thinking about seed sovereignty
  • Discussions and reflections on the food sovereignty outreach to date- what is it? what’s worked well? what are we going to do post-gathering?
  • A workshop with a singers circle exploring songs from the past and present connected to land rights and peoples movements
  • A workshop on what’s happening in Scotland right now, both the policy opportunities (land reform, community empowerment, climate change act etc) and the grassroots work that’s being done
  • A-bring-your-own-tools-to-get-them-fixed-in-our-traveling-trailer workshop
  • A session learning from experiences in trying to change the Greater Manchester food system
  • A practical hands-on session on the fundamentals of fermentation
  • A workshop that will look at how to implement a safer spaces policy in the gathering and throughout food movements

And lots more!

There will also be an open space (on both saturday and sunday) throughout the gathering where people can bring their own ideas and spontaneous workshops.

We are still finalising the times and will publish the exact timings as soon as we can.

Food at the gathering

Food for the gathering is on the whole being catered for by Bear Catering. A company that uses local produce to make delicious and seasonal vegetarian and vegan food – some of it grown locally by the Incredible Farm near Todmorden.

food sov gathering

Outline timetable of the gathering

This is an outline timetable – some of the content may change slightly, and additional field trips added. There is also a film programme running throughout the weekend. Keep an eye out updates to the workshop list. The main break out sessions will be run by professional facilitators to ensure we make the most of the knowledge and expertise of all those who attend the gathering.


Registration opens from 3pm.
Dinner 6 – 7.30 pm.
We envisage that people will arrive through the afternoon and evening. So, register and choose workshops, relax with a cup of tea and drop in to the welcoming activities happening both before and after dinner, where we meet each other, explore our relationships with food and kick off the gathering. We can also provide maps and local train times to help you find your accommodation.


Registration opens from 9am.
Programme start 9.45.
Key Note Speakers;
Pam Warhurst – cofounder of Incredible Edible Todmorden, followed by presentations on;
The roots of the food sovereignty movement and where the UK is now,
The international perspective, with a focus on Uganda.

Followed by a breakout session led by Gill Hay from Rhizome Collective and Javier Sanchez-Rodriguez from the International School for Bottom-up Organizing , exploring the foundations of the food sovereignty movement.


Afternoon – Workshops (see above for a sample)

Running alongside this, there will be a chance to propose and lead discussions on topics that you think are important that aren’t covered in the workshops.

Dinner 6-7.30pm

7.30 onwards; bar, performance artists, Ceildhi, DJ, and film showings.


9.00 registration open for those who arrive on Sunday

9.45 Welcome and scene setting, followed by workshops,including a field trip to Incredible Edible Todmorden and the Incredible Aquagarden that will include communal cooking or community gardening followed by lunch together.


Plenary focusing on what the movement can achieve practically. Panelists include; Land Workers Alliance, the Bakers Union and European Co-ordination Via Campesina reps from Spain.
Plus; facilitated workshops asking; what are the priorities for the UK Food Sovereignty Movement?
Plus; practical workshop preparing a disco soup with Skipchen, a food waste group from Bristol.

6 – 7.30 Dinner and joint food waste communal cook up (ran by Real Junk Food Project) shared with the whole group

Followed by music and a bar.


9.45 Putting our thoughts into action to strengthen the UK Food Sovereignty Movement and address our broken food system. In this morning session we aim to create action plans around our priorities as a movement.

1-2pm Lunch

2pm Conference End