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UK Food Sovereignty Movement Gathering: Programme Highlights + Info


Highlights of the gathering 23rd – 26th October 2015

  • There will be international speakers from Mozambique, Uganda and Spain.
  • Local hosts Incredible Edible Todmorden will be introducing us to their project and offering workshops, workaways and tours.
  • Joined by speakers from the Bakers Union (the union at the heart of the fast food rights movement in the UK), the Land Workers Alliance, Community Supported Agriculture UK and a range of other organisations fighting for a better food system.
  • The Real Junk Food Project will be running a communal cooking session (using waste and surplus food from the local area)
  • Entertainment, bar and dancing

Time for food sovereignty (priority)

London Community Food Map online

Community gardens are everywhere in London- spaces in the city where people learn new skills, meet friends, complete trainings and qualifications, and enjoy wildlife and plants in an ever-expanding built-up urban environment. Their popularity shows the potential and need for food systems in the city that work with people and nature to produce fresh, nutritious…

Food Sovereignty Football – 16th October

Family Farmers United vs Agri-Business FC The ‘Food Sovereignty Football Match’ has been called by the Landworkers’ Alliance as part of  World Food Day: Via Campesina’s global day of action. Across Europe 20% of farms get 80% of subsidies. In 2013 more than 900 UK based landowners and agri-businesses received more than £150,000 in payments,…