Report from ‘Community Food Now!’ workshop at The Spark

On June 17th the UK Food Sovereignty Movement and the Community Food Growers Network teamed up to run a session called ‘Community Food Now! – our land our cities’.

With nearly 80% of the UK population living in an urban environment the Food Sovereignty Movement UK and the Community Food Growers Network will explore how we can build community-controlled land and food systems in the UK, and if this is even possible in cities.

Showing short film clips from global food struggles and presentations from UK urban food projects, the workshop will focus on the questions:

 ‘What is food sovereignty?’

‘Where are we now?’

‘Where do we want to go next and how do we get there?’

‘What skills and resources do we have in the room?’


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1. What do you want to see in your region?

  • Fresh produce- affordable & accessible <Chosen Topic>
  • Social action ( youth)  <Chosen Topic>
  • Body bringing together movement
  • Inclusion & Diversity- culturally relevant <Chosen Topic>
  • Apprenticeships & Education
  • Food Co-ops
  • Use of space
  • Secure community- housing
  • Utilise laws that we have
  • Access to Land & Funding (Direct action)
  • Practical support in eachothers projects
  • Organic (not certified)
  • Network across neighbourhoods
  • Compost centres
  • Livelihoods

2. What do we need to make this happen in the next year?

> Fresh produce – affordable & accessible

  • Access to land and resources:

planning permission/regulations

>> local government outreach – food sov pledge

just squat! – insecure

  • merge production and consumption
  • time

>> funding for paid roles

>> advertise on social media

>> highlight private spaces/mapping

> Social action and education (youth)

  • teach first framework for farming

Farm First!

  • Linking urban and countryside skills e.g. in Canada – Farm Link
  • need more skill sharing – interactive maps
  • BHFP

>> community gardens

>> food waste

>> cooking classes

  • linking skillsets
  • sharing knowledge about fundraising – raising awareness
  • developing a course for hip hop and food growing
  • The Challenge (youth summer programme)

> Inclusion & Diversity

  • how to reach people who think differently?

>> find common ground e.g. music, May Day – hip hop

>> use already existing institutions e.g. Job Centre

  • how to engage people – linked to their personal/locally appropriate
  • encourage large gatherings e.g. summer 2015/conferences

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