Help Resist Grow Heathrow Eviction- August 15th 2014


Help Resist Grow Heathrow’s Eviction – Bailiffs first visit: 8am August 15th 2014

On Friday 15th August at 8am, bailiffs will make their first attempt to evict the Grow Heathrow site.  Four and a half years after the site was occupied by local residents together with activists, the community garden in the middle of Heathrow Airport’s proposed third runway is facing eviction. Grow Heathrow has been described as the ‘heart of the village’ by BBC News and ‘inspirational’ by the local MP. We are still trying to buy the land instead of having bailiffs at our home.

Around the bailiffs first visit, there will be talks and workshops on how ordinary people successfully shelved the plans for a polluting, noisy, third runway and how to resist the eviction of homes that the runway would destroy.

We will preparing for how we’ll greet the bailiffs when they come, and how to keep the bailiffs at bay.

Join us for the days before, or come for dinner on the 14th and be on site for when they arrive.

We need your support in the run up, on the day and in the months after the bailiffs come. Summer in the glasshouses is green and glorious and the lake is only ten minutes cycle away!

Bring sleeping bag, tent and rollmat if you’re coming to stay, and we can always use more tea, coffee, milk, sugar and mugs! If you have any special requirements, just drop us an email and we will do our best to make you comfortable.

Anyone who’s noticed that they’ve planned this for the middle of Reclaim the Power, fear not! There will be a free coach to take us from one to the other.