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International Reclaim the Fields Action Camp

When: Friday 6pm 28th August  – Wednesday 2nd September 2015

Borras Community Protection Camp, Wales

Reclaim the Fields UK (RTF) was born in 2011, as a star in a wider constellation of food and land struggles that reaches around the globe. Since 2011, camps and other RTF gatherings have helped support local communities in struggle, share skills, developed networks, and strengthened the resistance to exploitation, in Bristol, west London, Gloucestershire, Nottingham and Fife among other locations.

Every two years there is also an international camp, where people from around Europe and beyond meet together to support a local struggle (from gold mining in Romania to open cast coal mining in Germany, for example). People share stories and ideas about resistance and reclaiming our food system beyond national borders. This year, an international gathering will be held in the Wrexham, UK.

Help Resist Grow Heathrow Eviction- August 15th 2014

  Help Resist Grow Heathrow’s Eviction – Bailiffs first visit: 8am August 15th 2014 On Friday 15th August at 8am, bailiffs will make their first attempt to evict the Grow Heathrow site.  Four and a half years after the site was occupied by local residents together with activists, the community garden in the middle of…

May Project Gardens: living Green in the City

In May this year CFGN went to meet KMT who lives and works at ‘May Project Gardens’ in the suburbs of Morden in South London. We’d heard a lot about the project as KMT, a freedom teacher with a background in music, has turned his house and garden into a living permaculture space. May Project…