‘Community Food Now!’ @ The Spark / 17th of June

CFGN are teaming up with the UK Food Sovereignty Movement to put on a workshop at the The Spark workshop week on Tuesday the 17th of June, 7-9pm at St Peter’s Community Hall, 56 Warner Place, London, E2 7DA.
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With nearly 80% of the UK population living in an urban environment the Food Sovereignty Movement UK and the Community Food Growers Network will explore how we can build community-controlled land and food systems in the UK, and if this is even possible in cities.

Showing short film clips from global food struggles and presentations from UK urban food projects, the workshop will focus on the questions:

 ‘What is food sovereignty?’

‘Where are we now?’

‘Where do we want to go next and how do we get there?’

‘What skills and resources do we have in the room?’

 The workshop will end with a Seed Swap where participants can collect and share seeds to take away and sow.

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The Spark will be a week of workshops, films, discussions, poetry, music, art and more, looking at the fight for social justice in the UK and around the world from 16 – 21 June 2014.

Whether you’re angry about injustice in the world and ready to do something, or want to have more in-depth conversations about issues that interest you, share experiences from and ideas about grassroots movements, gain practical skills for social change, meet people and make new connections, explore social justice issues through the arts, or all of these things, this event is for you!

Everything at the Spark is free to attend.