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The 25-year environment plan score card

Text by Paul de Zylva, Friends of the Earth. Reprinted with permission from FOE, www.friendsoftheearth.uk Theresa May’s original speech can be found on the gov.uk website under Prime Minister’s Speech on the Environment 11 January 2018. (www.gov.uk/government/speeches/) Here’s what we don’t like No legal underpinning: The government’s word is no guarantee. The plan must have legal…

Chicken Shops, Community Food Growers and the new London Plan

By Mama D In Chapter 6 of the London Plan draft, policy E9 proposed that new hot food takeaways with A5 licenses which “generally sell food that is high in calories, fat, salt and sugar, and low in fibre, fruit and vegetables” be denied planning permission “within 400 metres walking distance of an existing or…

‘Towards a People’s Food Policy’ Questionnaire

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In October 2015 grassroots food and farming organisations in the UK began a process to create a People’s Food Policy for the UK. Stewarded by the LandWorkers’ Alliance, the aim of the project is to engage in a process from the ground up to articulate a vision of a fairer food system for all, and how it can be realised.
What is a food system?
A food system is the path that food travels from field to fork. It is made up of all the components of how food is grown, reared, harvested, processed, packaged, distributed, transported, accessed, consumed and disposed.