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The 25-year environment plan score card

Text by Paul de Zylva, Friends of the Earth. Reprinted with permission from FOE, www.friendsoftheearth.uk Theresa May’s original speech can be found on the gov.uk website under Prime Minister’s Speech on the Environment 11 January 2018. (www.gov.uk/government/speeches/) Here’s what we don’t like No legal underpinning: The government’s word is no guarantee. The plan must have legal…

On Gentrification

Written by Leslie Barson of London Community Neighbourhood Co-Operative When thinking about movements concerned with land, food and housing in the early 21st century, the process of gentrification is central. It is a process that moves us away from a system whose policies and projects are based around the needs of people to one based…

Public Land for Public Good – Stop the Austerity Sell Off


The Community Food Grower’s Network (CFGN), in collaboration with the Landworker’s Alliance, dropped a banner over the Treasury yesterday calling for a stop to the government’s austerity sell-off of public land.

The action united urban food growers and rural farmers to respond to the increasing privatisation of land that limits long-term access to land and resources necessary to create a sustainable, fair, affordable food system.