Workshops at The Spark 20 – 26 July

The Spark is coming to London again!

From 20th July to 26th July there will be, “a week of free workshops, discussion, art, music and more on building positive change in our own lives and the world around us” at the at the Brady Arts Centre, 192-196 Hanbury Street, London E1 5HU.

CFGN is teaming up with the UK Food Sovereignty Movement again to run a workshop called “Why do you eat?- shaping food systems from need” on Tuesday 21st July.   This workshop is part of building content and relationships for the UK Food Sovereignty Gathering on the 23rd – 26th October.

And CFGN member ‘Community Centred Knowledge’ will be hosting “Culinary Colonialism and Cultural Appropriations” on Sunday 26th July .

All info below.

See you there!

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“Why do you eat?”- shaping food systems from need

UK Food Sovereignty Movement & Community Food Growers Network

Tuesday 21st July 4-6pm

Humans need to eat.

‘Why do you eat?’ ‘What do you eat?’ ‘What would you like to eat?’ In this session participants will be asked to think about where their food comes from, and explore the root causes of what foods are most accessible in the UK and to who. If ‘all communities need access to fresh, healthy foods’ participants will be invited to look at the food needs for themselves and their communities- and how this shapes food systems we need in the UK designed and beneficial to the people in them.

The workshop aims to break the frame of a broken food system dominated by big business and subsidies to large scale chemical farmers- and imagine different ways we can relate to the food that sustains us.

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Culinary Colonialism and Cultural Appropriations

Community Centred Knowledge

Sunday 26th July 2-4pm

A multi-sensory, immersive journey, exploring the colonial history of our foodways.

Participating in this workshop will connect you to understandings of the unique, historical routes of Britain link it to its present day impact on culture, tastes, health, community, economics and oppression.

Do you define your experience with food in the world or has the world defined for you what is important in relating to food and how does this relationship impact upon colonised people? We will learn that we have all been colonised!