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Why we can’t afford to lose the plot: Land, Labour and connectedness in Britain

Poverty has not always been a scourge upon humanity or even been represented as such. Originally, being poor was a blessed state of being associated with virtuosity, as in ‘blessed are the meek’. The poor, it was said, would inherit the earth. Beyond the religious reformations, the protestant church played an increasingly greater role in…

Workshops at The Spark 20 – 26 July

The Spark is coming to London again!

From 20th July to 26th July there will be, “a week of free workshops, discussion, art, music and more on building positive change in our own lives and the world around us” at the at the Brady Arts Centre, 192-196 Hanbury Street, London E1 5HU.

CFGN is teaming up with the UK Food Sovereignty Movement again to run a workshop called “Why do you eat?- shaping food systems from need” on Tuesday 21st July.   This workshop is part of building content and relationships for the UK Food Sovereignty Gathering on the 23rd – 26th October.

And CFGN member ‘Community Centred Knowledge’ will be hosting “Culinary Colonialism and Cultural Appropriations” on Sunday 26th July .

All info below.

See you there!