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Synchrony of Organic Interdependent Livity: S.O.I.L.

by Mama D, Community Centred Knowledge @IndigenousKnow

I am a mother and, in relative terms, recently sourced from the African continent. As a woman, and an African, I am present, but without voice. Most of the time, unseen and unheard. Yet, my essential being represents that which gives, over eternities, but remains unacknowledged. It is also that for which there is no gratitude shown. Just like the soil we walk upon. Such things have consequences.

UK Food Sovereignty: Land & Affordable food for All! – 11th October

UK Food Sovereignty: Land & Affordable food for All! Where: The Great Seed Festival Garden Museum, 5, Lambeth Palace Rd, London SE1 7LB When: 11th October, 2014 2pm (1 hour) – – – – – What does ‘food sovereignty’ mean? Where did the movement come from? The UK Food Sovereignty Movement and the Community Food Growers…

Food for all, not for profit: the quest for food sovereignty

by Fanny Malinen This article has been published first on contributoria.com Most of us buy our food in supermarkets: Tesco, Sainsbury’s, ASDA and Morrisons control 75% of the grocery market in the UK. Spanish tomatoes and peppers come wrapped in plastic, so do green beans and fresh herbs from Kenya. Whether we want lemongrass, sushi…