Grow Heathrow 6th Birthday / 4th + 5th March


Can you believe it?!! We’ve nearly made it to our 6th Birthday at Grow Heathrow!

To celebrate this amazing achievement there will be many a festivity on this fine first weekend of March, 4th-6th (and especially Saturday the 5th!)

Expect the usual…. cakes, music, dancing, skipped feasts, wellbeing, workshops, off-grid party and mischief…

and also the unusual…. Non-weddings (open to all), performance art, tree planting and more…

We are currently in the planning stages, and would really love to hear from people who would like to help shape this event – if you would like to offer a workshop, talk, performance…or anything that you think could contribute to the celebration do get in touch via:

There will be talks and workshops in the Spring following the birthday so feel free to get in touch even if you can’t make the date.