Grow Heathrow Winter Shazzam!

Despite the fact that winter’s here at Grow Heathrow we’ve done away with the boring traditions of hibernating and waiting for spring to come along. No, instead we’ve been busy planning our next big season of workshops and events following on from the successes of Autumn Shazzam. And we’ve got a great birthday party lined up for the end of Feb. our fifth! Continue reading Grow Heathrow Winter Shazzam!

UK Food Sovereignty Gathering: 2-5 October 2015

Building a stronger movement for food sovereignty in the UK – Save the date!

Since our last energising national gathering in 2012, the food sovereignty movement in the UK has grown with hundreds of projects thriving across the UK. It is time to gather again, share the amazing progress we have made over the past few years and plan perspectives for the future. Continue reading UK Food Sovereignty Gathering: 2-5 October 2015

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