Get Involved

Becoming a member is easy, read more about the criteria below and feel free to send an email to for further details.

Membership criteria

1. Sign up to the manifesto and enact its values
2. Agree to active participation in the network:

  • solidarity with other members
  • host gatherings and run workshops/skillshares at gatherings
  • take part in working groups and organizing roles (eg email administration)
  • donation for food and running costs
  • share information about your project with the network, and feed back information from the network to your project.

If your group wishes to join:

  1. Notify the network (via the host of the next gathering) so that a membership proposal is added to the agenda for the next gathering.
  2. Attend the gathering and introduce your group with a short presentation (no more than 5 minutes, with a further 5 minutes for questions).
  3. Members at the gathering will be asked to approve your membership.
  4. Once your group has become a member, you will be added to the members’ email list.

If you are interested in becoming a member, you can attend up to 3 gatherings (in a non-decision making capacity) to get a sense of the network and decide whether you would like to join.

For  a fuller understanding of how we work have a read of these organising principles.

connect, cooperate, support, defend, campaign and celebrate