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New community farm launched in Cheshire with huge support

On Monday 22 June Bridge Community Farms in Ellesmere Port brought together its local community to celebrate the inception of its sustainable farm initiative. This great project aims to build a bridge between different sectors of its community and get them all working together for the common good.

The idea is to offer permanent job opportunities to the long-term unemployed, and a therapeutic environment for people with mental health problems and disabilities. They will grow and sell fruit, vegetables, salads and herbs to the local community. There are also study facilities for children and young people to learn horticulture, food preparation and basic business skills. The project’s start up costs have been entirely covered by donations from local businesses and individuals and all profits will be invested back into the farm.

Community food as therapy

by Martina Schliessler Bringing food production closer to people is what city farms and community food are all about. But for those that engage in urban food growing, the practice is about a lot more than just vegetables- it’s the concept of ‘community’, the promise of closer social bonds mediated by the common focus of…