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Press Release: London growers ask Mayoral candidates for land to feed capital

London growers ask Mayoral candidates for land to feed capital

Food growers from across London today have called on mayoral candidates to make the capital a global leader in progressive food economies by supporting policies for long-term tenures to new sustainable food projects.

The Community Food Growers Network – a democratic organisation of food growers that spans gardens across London – launched five policies based on two-years research for the new Mayor to implement in their London Plan once in office.

The group’s leading policy would mean London borough councils and the GLA would identify and publish lists of suitable land for community food production, and support groups and individuals to transform the spaces.

Community Food Growing & Food Production policy recommendations for the London Plan – Draft February 2016

Just Space is developing proposals for what should be in the next London Plan – a vision and planning policies for London for the next 20 years.  All the London Plans since the GLA was created in 2000 have been drafted by the Mayor and Londoners have only been able to comment, not initiate proposals. This time London’s community groups are insisting that they influence the formative stages: identifying London’s problems and needs and formulating policies. Just Space will be submitting a draft plan to the new Mayor during their first days in office in May 2016. 

This time last year UCL students working with Just Space approached different organisations to research what policies should be in the ‘Food Production’ section of the draft plan.  These included organisations such as the Community Food Growers Network, Capital Growth, Federation of City Farms and Gardens, Women’s Environmental Network, the London Permaculture group and Friends of the Earth.