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Call-out: Farm Hack coming to Forty Hall Farm


CFGN members will be hosting a Farm Hack in London on 26th September 2015, at Forty Hall Farm, Enfield.

FarmHack is a community of farmers and growers developing appropriate tools for small scale ecological farming. It was founded by The Greenhorns in the U.S. in 2010 and has since held regular events to bring the community together on farms and in workshops across the USA. FarmHack is founded on the principles of open source technology meaning that tools and techniques are also shared and developed on the online forum farmhack.net.

The emphasis of the days’ workshops will be ‘Pedal-power for farms and community projects’, hopefully with a grand unveiling of the Cyclo-sieve (currently being built by CFGN members). However there is space at the farm for other sessions and ideas don’t have to be limited to pedal power.

Detroit – London Link Up

London grower Darren Springer reports back from his trip to US

Once upon a time Detroit was a thriving city centre and home to both the motor and music industries game changing players. During the 50’s and 60’s they dominated their specific fields of play. Nicknamed the Motor City and Motown, Detroit was the home to the “Big Three” US automobile companies Ford, General Motors and Chrysler and the music powerhouse Motown Records.