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London Grown open to volunteers – 3rd & 15th October

Lots of work has been happening at Pasteur Gardens in Enfield to set up the new community market garden on the 7 acres which has been derelict for 20 years.

The land has been cleared, compost toilet built, the education space developed and water is now on site.

And now it’s time for a tractor to plough the field, mark out the beds and then cover the land for the winter!

The site in February 2016


April 2016


Visiting Forty Hall Farm

We had a great meet up at Forty Hall Farm on Sunday with seven different groups represented plus a delightful dollop of sunshine.

Forty Hall Farm is an 170 acres council site leased out to Capel Manor College with about 8 acres currently set aside for the market garden. Beth, Matthew and Mary are doing the most amazing job of getting the growing spaces up and running.…