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Support ‘Food, Hip Hop & Green Economy’ course for Young People

Last year CFGN met freedom teacher KMT at the inspiring May Project Gardens in Morden.  The project is currently organising an innovative course for young people and needs support to get it up and running.  Find out more below and a link to the crowd funder is here.

 An innovative, alternative education model using hip hop to educate and empower young people to live sustainably and grow their communities.

We need £15000 to renovate our space to launch and run our first ever 6-month ‘Food, Hip Hop and the Green Economy’ course, combining green education, personal growth and skills development to support young people to grow their communities.


Living Under One Sun: Volunteer opportunities

Living Under One Sun Community Allotment is a community space in the Heart of Tottenham. 

Our core goal is to bring nature closer to the Community. We do this by hosting regular volunteering sessions and training. 

At the community allotment we, grow organic fruit and vegetables, keep Bees and grow a range of medicinal herbs and flowers.

We want to contribute to the local food economy and teach people about the value of organically grown sustainable food.