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Mipim property fair only benefits the rich – Collective statement

This Wednesday the Mipim property fair returns to London, celebrating a housing system that puts an obsession with profit over people’s right to a decent home. By promoting this unsustainable approach to housing and land use, Mipim benefits the global rich whilst destroying our communities. Mipim brings global property development companies together with local authorities and other “partners wanting to close deals”, often selling public land and assets. Barnet council gave the West Hendon estate, worth an estimated £45m, to Barratt for just £5. This approach is being enabled by a government whose policies are exacerbating the housing crisis, as the Tories’ new housing bill shows. We condemn everything that Mipim stands for, and join communities and campaigners to say no to Mipim, yes to housing justice.

Summer Gathering at London Permaculture festival / 6th July

We are pleased to announce that this year’s summer gathering will be held at the London Permaculture Festival in Cecil Sharp House in Camden on July 6th. In addition to our seasonal meeting from 11am-1pm we will be hosting horticultural games in the afternoon and running a stall on the day. The gathering is a…

CFGN joins Polish farmers to protest government regulations inhibiting on-farm processing

Today members of the Community Food Growers Network joined the International Coalition to Protect the Polish Countryside (ICPPC) in delivering a hamper of “Illegal Foods” to the Polish Embassy in London. They protested to highlight the excessively harsh regulations imposed upon small Polish farmers which effectively prohibit them from selling traditional foods processed on the…