Community Food Growers Network Supports Farmers Against Fracking

Farmers Against Fracking have the full support and solidarity of the Community Food Growers Network. Fracking is incompatible with our vision of a low impact, just society. It is also incompatible of our vision for self reliant, empowered communities, since fracking is so unpopular it often has to be imposed on communities against their will, and by threat of force and coercion from the police. Fracking threatens to pollute the soil and water supply. Water and soil are fundamental for our growing needs, and for life itself.

We support all efforts by food growers, the community and activists to protect the land from being fracked. Your efforts to pull up the fracking industry before it takes root are legitimate and just. We demand a healthy, resilient, and frack free landscape.

Join the Farmers Against Fracking demo on July 21st in Blackpool.