‘No to GM crops, Yes to Food Sovereignty’ – Public teach-ins on April 17th.

‘No to GM crops, Yes to Food Sovereignty’ – Public teach-ins on April 17th.

The community food growers network invites you to a day of public events exploring why Genetically Modified (GM) crops pose a threat to sustainable food production, what the GM industry is doing here in Britain, and how we as ordinary people can support alternative, sustainable and socially just food systems.

The teach-ins will be held in Walthamstow, Chingford and Brixton on the 17th of April and will provide a space for people with little or no knowledge of the issues surrounding the industrial genetic modifications of food crops (and other forms of life such as insects) to talk to experienced campaigners, concerned food growers and people passionate about supporting local food. Combining films, presentations, practical gardening and discussions this will be a day of grassroots popular education. All events are free of charge and open to everyone.

These events are organised in solidarity with small scale producers all over the world who come together to take collective actions on April 17th.

GM food is back on the British Government’s agenda. This year marks the first open air trial of GM wheat ever to be held in the UK, and a big step towards the commercial cultivation of GM crops in Britain. As community food growers we work to create healthy and sustainable food systems for the benefit of local communities, their economies and environments. We believe that the open air testing and commercial growing of GM crops is a serious threat to sustainable food production. To communicate the urgency and necessity of a strong response from civil society we invite you to our teach-ins on the 17th of April.

What’s on in Waltham Forest – North East London?

‘No to GM crops’ Special evening of discussion, teach-in and film in Walthamstow:

7-8pm -Presentations on the current situation in Britain, how GM crops threaten sustainable food production, and what we can do about it. This will include open discussion – a chance to learn why and how people oppose gm crops.

8-8:30 – Soup by donations, and time for further discussions.

8:30-11 – Film followed by discussion. We will show the 2004 documentary ‘The Future of Food’, a pioneering film which explores the key agricultural, social and political issues surrounding the industrialisation of agriculture and genetic engineering. The film is based in the USA, one of the original testing grounds for the GM industry, and documents the effects that the development of the industry has had on farmers and consumers there as well as highlighting the ways in which GM was globalised.

* Sadly we have been unable to source a copy of ‘Raising Resistance’ because it has not been released for distribution yet. We hope to be able to screen the film after its release in December 2012, stay in touch for details!

At the Hornbeam Center 458 Hoe St, Walthamstow, E17 9AH www.hornbeam.org.uk

There is also a chance for those who want to practically sow seeds of food sovereignty to participate in the Hawkwood Plant Nursery’s regular Tuesday afternoon activity from 1.30pm-4.30pm (and then join a cycle ride to the Walthamstow teach-in or take a local bus).

To find the Hawkwood site see www.organiclea.org.uk under ‘finding us’ or call 020 8524 4994

What’s on in Brixton – South London?

10am – Heritage Wheat Planting and Seasonal garden work. Held at Myatts Field [North], Community Centre, 40 Bramah Green, SW9 7RG

12:05pm – Travel to Lilford Estate Growing project for a site visit.

1- 3pm – Vegan Lunch (by donation) and discussions on challenges and opportunities for making livelihoods from community food projects. LARA Community Flat, 46 Lilford House, SE5 9QA

3:05 PM — Travel to Brixton Town Centre for refreshments and discussions on ownership policies on land, planning and food systems. Vida Walsh Centre, 2b Saltoun Road, (Windrush Square), Brixton, SW2 1EP

5pm – Screening of the documentary film “Vanishing of the Bees”, followed by group discussions on the film and the issues it raises.

9pm – Reconvene at Vida Walsh Centre for reporting back, presentation and discussions on Genetically Modified (GM) crops and their impact on food autonomy and biodiversity.

3D Plant Groundation is hosting the events in Brixton for the Community Food Growers’ Network. Please get involved through the event Webpage:

More information: For more information about the community food growers network and its members seewww.cfgn.org.uk. For more information about GM crops in Britain and the actions being taken against them seewww.gmfreeze.orgwww.taketheflourback.org